More than just a game.

Our apps are assessed against specific learning and education tests. That's right! Here's just a sample of the metrics we use:

Receptive Vocabulary

The child looks at a group of pictures and points to the one the examiner names aloud.

Object Assembly

The child is presented with pieces of a puzzle in a standard arrangement and fits the pieces together to form a meaningful whole.

Picture Naming

The child names pictures that are displayed in a stimulus book.

White Paper
Learn more about how we think learning outcomes can be enhanced for educational mobile media content, specifically for early learners.
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emeeyou® releases Underwater Learning Adventure, an adaptive learning, educational children’s app.

In an era of free apps, emeeyou mobile learning games are developed with an important focus on their users – children. emeeyou learning games bring together passionate artists, musicians, parents and educators and are grounded in solid educational principles and developmental research. The latest learning game from emeeyou, Underwater Learning Adventure, has been designed together with […]

Underwater Adventure is almost here

Underwater Learning Adventure, an educational children’s game aimed at children aged 2-5 is in the final stages of development and is planned to be released in early September. While it has taken longer than first anticipated the wait will be worth it. We have been developing some new features that will enrich your child’s learning experience, including […]

Swiss App Awards

We recently had the honor of being nominated for the Swiss App awards for our first app Jungle Adventure. With over 200 submissions and only 36 making the nominations we were excited to be part of it. The awards where open to all mobile app platforms and had 9 different award categories’ Games & Entertainment, […]

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